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Environmental Art Trail



‘Weymouth & Portland Marine Litter Project CIC’ is a volunteer led Community Interest Company focused on making positive changes within our local environment. 
Our team are often found cleaning beaches, arranging litter picks or sending huge amounts of waste away for recycling.  We strive to improve the environment around us by engaging with communities to keep our wildlife safe and open spaces clean for everyone to enjoy.  We depend solely on the generosity and commitment of volunteers to make change happen. 
For more information about our work, please explore our website.
We are very excited to be given permission by Openreach to use their street cabinets to produce an art trail across Weymouth and would like to invite a group of volunteer artists from the local community to produce an environmentally focused theme using the street cabinets as the canvas. Artists will have the opportunity to publicly display their work for at least two years. 
This is a great opportunity to showcase local talent whilst sharing visual messages regarding the protection of our environment. We welcome applications from artists of all ages from across the community and a single location can be completed by a collaboration or 2 or more artists.
Several Cabinet locations have been identified for the planned colourful and inspiring painted designs which will breathe new life and interest into the chosen areas, whilst enhancing the visual appearance of the Openreach street furniture, as has been seen in similar projects in Basingstoke, Shrewsbury and Sheffield. 
It is being led and managed by Weymouth & Portland Marine Litter Project and funded by Litterfree Coast, Land & Sea.

Artwork Design Brief

The chosen designs will have a connection to the effect of modern society on the environment and highlight the issues faced, whilst also being relevant and sympathetic to their locations.

Examples could include visuals representing, the climate, marine life, the coast, wildlife, landscapes and environmental challenges faced such as litter, fishing, single use plastics etc. The designs and issues portrayed should also be relevant to Weymouth and the surrounding area.

  • Artists to research, design and paint original street art designs of various sizes on pre-selected and agreed Openreach cabinets around the Weymouth area to enhance and create interest around the chosen locations.

  • The completed artworks will be viewed individually but form collectively an art trail that can be promoted to residents and visitors alike.

  • Increase environmental awareness and promote mindfulness of the harm to the sea, wildlife, landscape and environment through human behaviour.

  • Expand and promote the importance of environmental issues around Weymouth to a wide audience.

  • Any design submitted must be suitable to be replicated by the artist up-scaled on a cabinet in paint.

  • Whilst the designs can include written messages, they can not contain advertising of any kind, including social media handles or web addresses, be offensive, political or religious.

  • They must not be unduly distracting to passing traffic or cause a Health & Safety risk to the general public. It is very important to ensure the trail is well received and appreciated.

The Closing date for all artwork applications is midnight 20th April 2023.


Promotion of the artworks and trail

We expect to receive huge interest from local press and all media platforms. The art trail will be promoted online through websites and social media and will include information on the designs and artists. QR codes will be used to link to the artworks online with details of the artist.


Artist's Roles and Responsibilities


The selected artists will be asked for:

  • The submission of an original design and final delivery of their painted cabinet in accordance with the brief above.

  • Should any artwork become tired, damaged or defaced within the two year period, artists will be contacted and asked if they would be willing or in the position to repair it on a voluntary basis. If not, the cabinet will be over-painted or returned to the original Openreach green.

  • Please be mindful that some locations are out of town and it will be the artists responsibility to organise travel to and from their allotted cabinet.

Target Audience


  • Weymouth residents, businesses and visitors to the town.

  • We want the trail to make people smile, adding colour with the images creating talking points giving them a positive reminder of how precious our environment is and how we need to care for it. Social media will spread its reach well beyond just Weymouth.

  • Artwork themes should be inspirational, thought provoking and easily understandable to people of all ages and backgrounds.


Selection process


  • Each cabinet varies in terms of location & size, submitting a design for a particular size or location of the cabinet would be an advantage. If you have a preferred location please include this with the design, we reserve the right to use the design at any location. click to view boxes

  • Once all designs have been received by the closing date, the final shortlisted designs will then be selected by a project panel. The designs need to show enough information so the panel can fully understand what you are envisaging, and everyone is clear on what the final artwork will look like. It should also include information on the medium that will be used to create the completed artwork, if you are using spray paint or brushed paint for example.

  • Shortlisted Artists will be notified after their submission of the required information and artwork designs by 30th April 2023.

  • Shortlisted Artists will be required to attend a site visit on a mutually agreed date in early May at their cabinet’s location to ask questions and discuss the theme, content and application of their design prior to final selection.

  • Depending on how many artists apply there could be an opportunity for artists to complete more than one artwork.

  • Final selection of successful commissions will be announced and dates the work will be undertaken agreed once all shortlisted candidates have been met.

Completion of main artworks and materials


  • Completion dates for Individual artworks to be mutually agreed in advance upon acceptance of the commission by the artist.

  • Once an artwork has been started it must be completed in a short space of time, we do not want to have half-finished artworks being left for long periods of time..

  • The artist’s materials required (eg any equipment needed to complete the artwork being undertaken) will be provided, as required. Artists will be asked to submit a list of colours and brushes as required and other items will be provided depending on their need following allocation of cabinet. All materials will remain the property of the organisers and should be returned after completion of the artwork to be used elsewhere.

  • Any adaption of the final artwork design needs to be approved by a W&P Marine Litter Project team member before being completed on the cabinet locations.

Summary of Key Dates:

  • Applications in by Midnight 20th April 2023

  • Shortlist announced by 30th April 2023

  • Site visits & interviews by 14th May

  • All artworks completed 18th June

Intellectual Property Rights


  • Intellectual property rights to be able to use images of the completed artworks to promote the trail and art project in a wide variety of ways will belong to Weymouth & Portland Marine Litter Project and the artist will sign an agreement to this effect. Once completed the artwork may not be removed, altered or defaced by the artist without written consent from W&PMLP.

Health & Safety Requirements


  • Working alone– Weymouth & Portland Marine Litter Project will not be responsible for supervising the artist, the artist will engage in lone working (unless the design has been submitted by more than one person) and be confident to do so.

  • Materials - Artists will be competent in using the required materials needed to complete their design.

  • Personal protective clothing – Whilst working on the sites the artist should follow all safety guidelines and wear the appropriate PPE – gloves, masks, etc. if required. This equipment must be sourced by the artist, Weymouth & Portland Marine Litter Project will not be providing PPE equipment to the artist.

  • Environmental impact - Environmentally safe practices and products should be used to produce the designs and safe and responsible cleaning / disposal of any materials. Excess paints and products to be returned to Weymouth & Portland Marine Litter Project for future use, along with empty paint cans for recycling.

  • Hazards to public – Artists to ensure safe working practice to carried out in accordance with risk assessment. To protect public from hazardous materials and wet paint.

  • Insurance - W&P Marine litter Project will be responsible for Public liability Insurance.

Getting    Involved

Please submit:

  • Your CV or portfolio, if you have one, or details giving a background of any art experience and competences.

  • Approximately three photos of your work, in particular any large or mural related work you have undertaken showcasing your style and experience.

  • Details of your website or social media accounts that show your work if applicable.

  • A short statement of how you would approach this brief and ideas you have along with evidence of the ability to produce high quality outcomes.

  • A draft/sketch of your design idea

  • We will select the artist’s design that appears to be most suitable and who demonstrates they can produce high quality outdoor artwork that matches the brief.

  • Our decision is final


Your application should be submitted via email by midnight Sunday 20th April 2023


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