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Chesil Storm Watch

The problem...

Chesil beach attracts marine based litter from all over the world. The vast majority of waste is either from commercial fishing or rubbish from off shore shipping lanes. 

Chesil cove in particular is a magnet for litter due to its position and the tidal flow. 

We find food packaging and bottles from all corners of the world and even items washed across the Atlantic. 


Chesil beach and Lyme Bay is home to all kinds of marine life and birds. We regularly find dead birds, seals and dolphins washed up on the beach many the result of digesting plastics or being caught in fishing tackle.

The beach also fronts the Fleet lagoon an area designated a marine protection area. Stormy weather results in plastic waste being blown over the bank of shingle and into the Fleet reserve and lagoon.

What we do

We have created a Facebook group, Chesil Beach (Portland) marine litter watch and a network of volunteers to respond on the occasions when litter is blown ashore in large amounts. 

The beach has very strong tides and rubbish can get washed back out as quick as it arrived or gets buried under the shingle, so rapid intervention is usually required.

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