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'Litter Free' Fleet Lagoon

Sheltered from the sea by Chesil beach, the Fleet Lagoon is a vital shelter and feeding area for wildlife. This long, shallow stretch of water is England’s largest lagoon at around 480 hectares. Migrant birds like little terns, wigeon, coots, even an occasional passing osprey can be sighted.

In addition to its birds, the Fleet Lagoon Marine Protected Area also protects numerous plants & animals

The Fleet Lagoon is also an important nursery area for several types of fish and home to a commercial oyster farm.


The Chesil side of the Fleet has limited access making regular beach cleans almost impossible. The beach's location makes it a magnet for plastic marine litter with winds blowing in large amounts of waste, mainly plastic bottles and fishing tackle which eventually blows over the beach and into the lagoon. 

The Wyke shores are home to several campsites and the SWCP popular with ramblers and dog walkers which also creates litter.

Our project is aimed at removing plastic waste from the Lagoon's shores before it breaks down into micro plastics. The reality is that most plastic that is along the Fleet would remain there in some form forever without our intervention.

We will carry out litterpicks on foot, by kayak, SUP and boat throughout the year,

the project is supported by Sea-Changers

Beach cleans sponsored by Driftwood Fish

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