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Reuse & Recycle

Fishing Line

We recycle all the fishing line we recover from beaches and our dedicated tackle collection bins.

Fishing line line is sent to the Anglers National Line Recycling scheme.



Beach art

Local artist Rachel White reuses net & rope we recover to make stunning works of art. 

Reuse is an excellent way to reduce waste and uses less energy than recycling.

Rachel kindly donates a percentage of sales of her rope fish to fund our work.

Commercial Fishing Waste

We recycle almost 100% of the commercial fishing waste we recover from beach cleans. We also work with Portland Port to recycle waste they recover dumped or washed into the harbour.

We can recycle rope, nets and large plastics such as bouys and fish crates.


Inflatables & Beach toys

We are working with a brilliant company Wyatt & Jack who reuses old inflatable toys to make colourful bags and other goods.

We can take most CE marked blow up toys to send away for recycling.

We are also working in partnership with Weymouth Town Council and recycle broken beach toys.

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